5 Stunning landing pages

Sunday 24th December, 2017 —

Platforms like Dribbble, Behance and others are a gold mine for designers and developers seeking inspiration. Today we'll see 5 original landing page designs to inspire you in your projects.

Product features

Made by Unity

A nice looking landing page with a very clean design. The use of illustrations softens the hole layout, relying on a very discreet color scheme.

Analytics landing page

Made by Michael Pons

An impressive design and use of gradients on this landing page plus a color scheme that reminds us of a sunset. The big hero title and the dotted illustrations emphasize the rest of the content.

Social app landing

Made by Luthpy Dwiyana

A colorful landing pages that makes a great use of flat illustrations. The page colors makes reading content easy for the eye. The quality of illustrations makes the service offered really attractive and promising regarding conversion rate.

Travel landing

Made by Lucija Frljak

Another heavily illustrated landing page promoting a travel based service. The color scheme is simple but fits in perfectly. Notice the smart use of travel bags sizes for the pricing plans.

Landing page design

Made by Ishtiaq Khan Parag

A clean landing page using simple shapes and borderless designs. Look at how the box shadows are used to emphasize some content elements.

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