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Saturday 5th December, 2020 —

What is Elite?

The Elite level is one of the numerous envato author levels, and, like any other levels reaching it gives you a badge that gets shown on your envato author profile, visible as well on your product page.

Basically, elite is the reward given to author for selling more than $75,000 on Envato Market which is quite an achievement. After that, there are other author levels to go through before becoming power elite, which is the ultimate author reward on Envato (more than 1 million dollar sales).

What are the benefits of being elite?

Becoming an elite author comes 2 major benefits. First of all, it decreases the Envato market share on each one of your sales to the lowest possible level, which is around 12.5 %. This is a great way to keep your business growing. The more you sell the more you earn, exponentially. The second benefit cannot be assessed as money, but its impact can be even higher on your sales. When you reach the elite level a new elite badge is added to your seller profile, bringing more trust from customers. A customer will buy your product much more easily if you're already an elite author. Therefore, becoming Elite is definitely the decisive step towards a professional theme selling company.

Envato is about products

The title says it all, the envato experience is completely product driven, meaning that being a top tier developer won't guarantee any success on Envato. But don't get me wrong, what I say is not that if you're good, you won't be able to earn on Envato. It just mean that being good at web development is not enough. The product expected by the review team and the customers needs to have a very high level of quality, mainly regarding the design. The code is the last thing they look at, and it just needs to follow best practices and established standards. However, the design is extremely important. If you are a very good developer and you want to sell on Envato, I stongly suggest that you team up with a designer if you feel that your design skills aren't sharp enough.

The products that made it

Over those 3 years, we only released 4 products in the HTML category. We mainly focused on crafting very high quality products, that could fit with the highest expectations.


Bulkit is a massive Bulma landing pages template with tons of variations, features and illustrations.


Nephos is a clean and modern Bulma ecommerce frontend with a very original design and multiple interaction details.


Friendkit is a social media webapp template built to jumpstart social app projects.


Huro is a multipurpose Bulma webapp and admin UI kit that features more than 230 demo pages and a full component library.

Next Steps

We are very proud and happy we got there. But this is just the beginning. We will keep bringing creativity and the highest level of quality into our products and we will keep working hard to increase that quality as we go. We are now dropping jQuery support and Huro was the last template that will be using it. All future templates will be built with contemporary technologies like Alpine.js, Vue.js, React JS, Nuxt/Next JS and Svelte JS.

This is also an opportunity for us to thank our customers for their continuous support and tell how much we care about them. A newer and even more interesting journey is staring for us and we're so much excited about it! See you there!

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