4 Outstanding scrolling designs

Monday 19th February, 2018 —

Scrolling page designs have been growing trendy these last few months, here are 4 delightful examples that i picked for your from Dribbble.

Landing page concept

Made by Anton Mikhaltsov

A concept with a very smooth horizontal scroll and reveal animations. Notice how a good typography hierarchy emphasizes the design.

Landing page concept (bis)

Made by Anton Mikhaltsov

Another shot from the same designer. This one uses vertical scrolling. Notice how the smoothly animated shapes give an outstanding look to this design.

Environmental Preservation Landing Page

Made by Minh Pham

A fresh and yet experimental environmental landing page concept. Flashy colors and flat caracters design gives a special touch to this scrolling design.

Scroll app Landing Page

Made by Daniel Thomas

A fresh and simple scroll concept for this mobile app landing page. Its strength comes from the contrast between the static phone and all the animated content.

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