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Shifter is a minimal and isometric landing page starter built with the Bulma framework. Along with total responsiveness and a clean layout, it features an incredible dark mode that you can turn on and off any time. Shifter comes with a single landing page that can be extended at will. Shifter is built with Bulma and Alpine JS. It also features a Spruce JS store if you want to use it in your project.

Bulma framework

If you are tired of Bootstrap designs and code, this is the perfect alternative. Bulma is a lightweight and easy to use css framework based on flex box. It's mobile first grid has proven to be extremely flexible and perfect for mobile devices. On top of that, you have lot of responsive modifiers and mixins natively available.

Easy Theming

Shifter's styles are written in scss outputed into a single minified css core file. You can easily use the existing theme or create a new one from scratch in minutes. You just have to import your theme scss partial into your core to get a fully functionnal color scheme applied to all components.

Modular code

Shifter's scss source files structure follows a modular pattern. There a are layout partials (wich are part of core), components partials and exensions partials. You simply import the components you need into your core file.

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Some Highlights about the template features

Crypto Popular

Are you fan of the crytocurrency imagery and iconography? Yes? Then Shifter is made for you. Shifter is an isometric landing page starter that can fit many purpose. It features a clean and a sharp UI emphasized by a beautiful dark mode.

Dark Mode

Tired of the white page feeling? No problem, just turn on the dark mode and see the hole UI changing before your eyes. Note that Shifter uses different illustrations for dark and light modes. Feel free to reach us if you need more illustration customization.

Isometric design

Shifter follows the latest design trends and delivers a cool asymetric UI that will make your website stand out amongst the others.

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