Fresh v5.3.0

Bulma Landing Page Starter

Fresh is a Free Landing Page starter built with Bulma and Alpine JS.

What’s included

Fresh is a landing page freebie that is ideally used for software and products. It features a single page with a few sections to get started. Fresh is based on Bulma framework and it's easy to use flexbox grid.

Fresh ships with a single and playful landing page, featuring the most common sections that anyone needs when building a website.

For developers — this product has been built and coded with care, from inception and design to production, following the best available practices regarding code structure and maintainability.

Easy branding — the UI is built using Bulma CSS and custom SCSS styling. You can easily change the primary color to apply your branding and change the look and feel consistently through the entire template.

Built with Alpine.js — this template is written with Alpine.js, a rugged and minimal javascript framework that works pretty much like Vue, but allows you to write it in your markup.

Documentation — this template ships with a detailed documentation to help you get started with project structure, installation and development guidelines.

For projects — this product is a robust template made to fit in real life projects and use cases, providing a solid starting point for an internal or a public saas application, with many kinds of setups and architectures.

Pricing options

This product is completely and forever free. Simply add it to your cart and complete the checkout process. The product will then be added to your account downloads.

No credit card required

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Fresh null by Css Ninja
Fresh null by Css Ninja
Fresh null by Css Ninja
Fresh null by Css Ninja
Fresh null by Css Ninja
Fresh null by Css Ninja


Our templates are thoughtfully crafted with the latest and greatest versions of the tools we love so that they are easy to maintain, and fun to actually work on.

Last updated on Apr 27th, 2024
Version v5.3.0
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