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What is css Ninja

Get to know us a little bit more

Hello dear visitor, if you want to know what exactly is going on at Css Ninja, you're at the right place to get some concrete answers !

A web design studio

Css Ninja is a webdesign studio. Unlike web agencies, we don't work directly for clients but we design and develop themes and templates that we sell on different Marketplaces. We like trendy designs and you will find out soon that we offer original templates. We have 3 types of products :

  • Website templates
  • Dashboard templates
  • Freebies

A community

We are a small community powered by passion for the web. We allow our customers to create user accounts, to interact with us and with each other. However, a healthy community has rules for the good of all. We ask you to please follow the guidelines before posting.

Css Ninja also offers ressources like blog articles, tutorials for beginners. Don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to get useful information and to be aware about imortant annoucements. As a cutomer, you are allowed to comment these ressources and to discuss them with the team and other people.

A customer support platform

As we said earlier, we sell themes on various marketplaces on the web. Of course, we provide a centralized customer support at our website inside the Support Forum section. Use the forum to ask a question, to get some advice about an idea you had while using one of our products. We will be very happy to answer you and to help you.

That's it !

That's it, you now know everything about us, we hope to count you soon amongst our loyal and beloved customers and to see you on our website and on our support forums. Have a nice day !