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How to create your Css Ninja account

Getting support for a product you bought is part of the customer experience. Read this if you want to know how you can get support from Css Ninja for one or more of your purchased products.


Everybody can create an account on Css Ninja but not everybody can effectively use it. You are free to register anytime. However, you account will need to be activated by a Css Ninja administrator. For your account to be activated, you must be a Css Ninja customer. Otherwise, we won't activate your account. Being an owner of an activated Css Ninja account gives you the right to access and to post into the support forums. You can also join the blog posts and the themes discussions.

Why do you have to be a customer first ?

  • Because if you don't buy any of our products, why would you need to access the support forums ?
  • Because we have limited support ressources at Css Ninja and that they are fully dedicated to our customers.

Creating your account

Click on the big Support button in the right side of the top navbar. You should be redirected to the registration page. Fill in the required fields, choose a password (try to not forget it but you can always reset it later). You should get a success message after your registration.

Once you've accomplished this step, send an email to with the same email you registered with and specify the purchased products, the marketplace where you purchased these products, and the email address with witch you bought the products, only if it is different with the one you registered with.

Log in to your account

After you've done all the steps we mentionned earlier, you will receive an email from us, letting you know that youre newly created account is now activated. Click on the login link in the top navbar before being redirected to the login page. Enter your credentials and hit the login button. Hurray ! You are now a full member of Css Ninja and have access to support.

Managing your account

You can manage your account by clicking on the user menu in the top right (the user menu will appear only if you are logged in). Select the first option (Account settings) to access your account details. You can then edit your profile by clicking the "Manage account" button. You can then edit your name, your email address, change your password and upload a profile picture that will be displayed next to your posts. Easy isn't it ?