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What is the Help center for ?

This article is about Css Ninja's help center. Read it to learn more about the Help center, about the content it provides and how to use it efficiently.

What is it for ?

As stated by it's name, the Help center is here to provide ressources you may need to find quickly. Basically, it's a compilation of articles that will help newcomers to get started. The Help center will of course evolve in the future. Relevant content will be added as soon as it is necessary (e.g if our website releases new features, when more themes are released...).

A question that could come in mind is : "Why a Help center when there is already a support forum ?"

  • Because it is made of static content that is easier to browse and to search
  • Because vital content (e.g a fix for an important known issue) can be filed and highlighted inside the Help Center better than in the forums.

How to use it ?

The Help Center is structured in 5 help categories (this will likely change in the future). You should find in those all answers to basic questions you might be asking yourself how our website works, how to browse, buy, download and use our products.

Breadcrumbs at the top and at the bottom of the page will simplify your navigation inside the Help center. You probably noticed the search bar in the header. You can use it to search the Help center and the blog content. Just enter the terms you want to search for and hit Enter to be redirected to your search results.