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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions

How do licenses work?

The main difference between our licenses is the number and types of projects that you can build with our templates. If you're building a single project, the Starter or the Developer license is for you. However, if you are a professional developer or even an agency, you should consider purchasing an Business license, which will let you build unlimited projects with the same license, saving up a lot on your purchase.

What about licensing and SaaS projects?

Unlike other platforms, we allow you to build SaaS products under certain conditions. With a Starter license, you cannot build a SaaS product. With a Developer license, you can only build a single-tenant SaaS product. With an Business license, you can build multiple single-tenant SaaS products or a single multi-tenant SaaS product.

What about theme customization?

Theme customization is not part of our regular services and therefore not included in a product purchase. If you need customization services, feel free to reach us and make sure to send us your requirements so we can issue a quote for you or your company.

What about the support scope?

Our support policy is very clear. We only support what is directly related to the template UI. Anything else remains optional. We do not support 3rd party plugins as well though we can provide some guidance on how to use them best, but not on how to implement them or fix your own implementation.

Can I sign up for dedicated services?

Yes, you can ask for additional services like design, development, consulting or anything you'd feel relevant for your project. Visit our services pages and select what you need. We'll get back at you in no time.

Can I be refunded if I need to?

If the product doesn't suit your needs you can always ask us to get a refund under 14 days after product purchase. After, that delay you won't be eligible for a refund anymore. Refund requests must be motivated and have a valid and reasonnable reason to be approved. For more details, please take a look at our refund policy.

Enterprise Access

Css Ninja unlimited is a B2B offer for companies

Unlimited Access
  • Access to all products
  • Unlimited use
  • Github access
  • Updates/Hot fixes
  • Support under 24h