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Released on feb 27 2018
Updated on sep 03 2019
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Product description

Premium Landing kit

Bulkit is a Bulma UI Kit that comes with numerous customisable and reusable components. They are designed to fit as many purposes as possible. They are also easy to customize and to combine with other components. Bulkit features an amazing set of elements that are vital to any project, such as buttons, forms, modals and many more. Everything you need to start an original website is right here.

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Bulma framework

If you are tired of Bootstrap designs and code, this is the perfect alternative. Bulma is a lightweight and easy to use css framework based on flex box. It's mobile first grid has proven to be extremely flexible and perfect for mobile devices. On top of that, you have lot of responsive modifiers and mixins natively available.

Theming capabilities

Bulkit styles are written in scss outputed into a single minified css core file. You can easily use one of the existing themes or create a new one from scratch really quicly. You just have to import your theme scss partial into your core to get a fully functionnal color scheme applied to all components.

Modular code

Bulkit scss source files structure follows a modular pattern. There a are layout partials (wich are part of core), components partials and exensions partials. You simply import the components you need into your core file.

Nice looking starters

Bulkit features 47 website demo pages, 45 component pages, and 36 dashboard demo pages. All html pages are groupes into separate kits form a more convenient use. You can find in the following list links to each starter kit's homepage :


Current version is 2.4

Product features

Some awesome features

500 + Components
Easy theming
Lifetime updates
Extra Dashkit
137 demo pages
Well documented

Bulma Framework

Bulkit is built with Bulma.io, a trendy css framework based on Flexbox.

Sass powered

Bulkit styles leverage the power of Sass, with a prefered Scss syntax.

Gulp powered

Nephos is powered by gulp, for an optimal development experience.

All in one Template

Bulkit features both website and dashboard starters to suit all your needs.

45 component pages

Bulkit features all essential components you need to build your project.

Mobile first

Bulkit is built on top of Bulma.io, a mobile first oriented css Framework.

Built with

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Bulkit theme

I love this theme - but I just cannot find a simple left menu.

Is this really missing? All I want is to be able to have a left navigation bar without the square buttons that just minimizes itself into a hamburger icon


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