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Buying Themes

How to buy themes at Css Ninja ?

If you already know about Css Ninja's main activity, you might not know how to purchase one of our products. This article gives you all the details you need to know when you want to buy a theme from us.

Browsing products

Css Ninja is a webdesign studio. Unlike web agencies, we don't work directly for clients but we design and develop themes and templates that we sell on different Marketplaces. We like trendy designs and you will find out soon that we offer original templates. We have 3 types of products :

Start by browsing our available products by heading to the Themes page. You can find the link in the top navigation. You will then arrive on the Themes main page. A tabbed filter is available so you can sort the available products by category. Available categories are :

  • All:
    is activated by default. Displays all available products in all categories.
  • Websites:
    displays only available website templates.
  • Dashboards:
    displays only available dashboard templates.
  • Freebies:
    displays only available Freebies.

Viewing a products details

You can access a product's details page by clicking one of the available links, either by clicking on its name, at the bottom of the card, or by clicking on the details icon . You should now have access to the product's details.

You can view several informations about the product, like when it was released, its last update, it's support status, and a detailed product features and description section. If you already have a Css Ninja account, you can even leave comments on the product's details page or take part into the discussion if another user already started one.

Previewing a product

You can access a product's demo by clicking on the preview icon or on the Live demo button in the product's details page. You should now have access to the product's demo, in a separate browser window. You can test out live all the products features and decide if it fit your needs. Premium templates demos are hosted directly by Css Ninja whereas Freebie demos are hosted on Github pages.

Buying the product

You've made your choice and you are now ready to buy one of our templates. Click on the wallet icon on the Themes page or on the Buy button in the product's details page. You should be redirected to the product's page on the relevant Marketplace. Then simply follow the marketplace checkout process, to buy the selected theme. You will then have access to a download link when you can get your source files, and a product documentation. Now that you have become a beloved Css Ninja customer, you have the right to create a customer account on our website. Let's learn more about that by jumping to the next article.