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Technical informations

Dashkit is built on top of Bulkit UI kit and uses a part of it's assets. At the moment, it is sold bundled with Bulkit.

Dashboard base

  • Bulma css framework version 0.3.2
  • jQuery version 2.2.4

Dashboard demos

Dashkit features 11 demo pages that you can reuse to create your own dashboard. You can find the details of theses pages in the following section :

Dashkit demo pages view more view less keyboard_arrow_down
  • Light sidebar
  • Dark sidebar
  • Blank page
  • Chartjs page
  • Billboardjs page
  • Peity page
  • Data widgets
  • Social widgets
  • Dashboard feed
  • Dashboard post

Included files

Files used by Dashkit :

  • 11 Html files
  • 1 css file
  • 18 Scss files
  • 10 customized javascript plugins
  • 1 css ninja javascript file
  • Html documentation