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Our blog publishing guidelines

This article about Css Ninja's blog publishing guidelines. When i was a padawan frontend developer, i read a lot from blog articles to improve my skills. Learn how our blog works.

Where to find it ?

At Css Ninja, we spend most of our time building themes. However we also love blogging and sharing ressources with people. You can find our blog by clicking on the Blog link in the footer or by opening the sidebar and selecting the ressources menu. You will be then redirected to the Blog main page.

Blog categories

Our Blog has 3 categories of articles:

  • Annoucements:
    In this category, you will find important annoucements about our company, our services and our products.
  • Design:
    Here you will find articles about web design, compilations and curation of the best works seen on the web.
  • Code:
    Frontend code examples and tutorials will be available in this category, for people who like playing with UI elements.


If you own a Css Ninja activated account, you can post comments on blog posts and share your thoughts with us or other members. When commenting a Blog post, please follow the general posting guidelines.