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Frequent questions

Frequent questions asked by our users

Some questions are frequently asked by users. Rather than repeating the same answer each time, we wrote this Faq to let you know about most frequently asked questions.

Can i change my email address after registration ?

Yes. Just click the user menu on the right side of the navbar when you are signed in, and click on the "My Account" dropdown menu item. You'll get to see your account. From there, click on the profile navigation and edit your account details. When you are done, click on the savebutton.

What are the available licenses ?

There are three main types of licenses for our products. Personal and developper licenses apply to premium themes whereas freebies are licensed under MIT. You can find more informations about licenses in the Terms section of the Help center.

Can I build a product based on a Css Ninja freebie and sell it ?

Of course you can. Freebies are under the MIT license. You can do whatever you want with our freebies, except selling them as is. You need to modify the code first to be able to sell it. However, you can redistribute the code as is. Mentionning the author would be nice from you, but it remains optional.

There is no contact form on your website, how can i contact you ?

If you just want to get in touch with us to ask us some questions, send us an email at . If you want to reach us directly for an urgent support inquiry, you can send us a mail at . You can also use the dedicated support section from your account menu.

We are migrating our support sytem. Our current ticketing sytem is now in read only mode before being removed. Our new portal is accessible on Understood