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Learn a little more about the product

Moebius is a full featured chat platform built with Vue 3 composition API, Typescript and powered by This chat UI Kit that has been handcrafted with care and patience, and follows the currently approved Vue’s core team best practices for project structure and code organization. It provides a robust bootstrap to start building your application effortlessly, as well as a set of production ready tools, proven by community practices, that will improve your developer experience, such as docker ready, VS Code integrated collaboration settings, ready to use code snippets and more. Everything you need to start is there. Please note however that Moebius is not a WordPress theme.
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Some Highlights about the template features

Vue 3 Composition API

Moebius is built on top of the brand new Vue 3 composition API, making it so much easier.

Typescript Support

Moebius is fully integrated and setup with Typescript making development less error prone.

Native Dark Mode

Moebius ships with a native dark mode, following the lastest popular design trends.

Micro Interactions

Moebius features a lot of UX friendly micro interactions when clicking or hovering elements.

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