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Learn a little more about the product

Listkit is a multipurpose Alpine JS / Bulma listing UI Kit that has been handcrafted with care and patience. It provides ready pages to start building your application effortlessly, as well as a set of additional elements that will help you create new pages for your specific needs. Everything you need to start is there, pages, forms, layouts, sections and much more.. Please note however that Listkit is not a WordPress theme.
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Some Highlights about the template features

Elegant UI

Listkit ships with an incredibly well designed and implemented UI. Build a memorable website.

Lifetime Updates

By purchasing a Listkit license, you are entitled to receive lifetime quality updates for this product.

Outstanding Demos

Listkit features more than 40 ready pages that you can grab and easily adapt to your project.

Extensive Docs

Listkit ships with a very detailed documentation that you can read online. We answer all your questions.

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