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Posted by Driss
on Mar 19, 2018

We are on Envato Market

posted in News, Mar 19, 2018

We are finally there!

We were pleased to be informed during last week that our first template has been approved on ThemeForest after almost one month and half of wait time between the initial review and the 3 soft rejects that we received. Here are our first impressions after joining the Envato authors community.

Find us on ThemeForest : cssninjaStudio

First steps in the Envato Community

As we submitted our first item, i began posting in the Envato Community Forums. There are lot of friendly people there that are willing to help and to give you feedback on your work, and that is quite valuable when you plan to dive into the theme selling business. If you plan to start this kind of business, you will find quantity of informations there and you'll get the opportunity to speak with some heavy selling Elite authors who will give you some hints to step towards success on Envato Market.

Another positive aspect of the Community is that Envato allows authors to team up to work on certain projects, like converting an HTML to a WordPress theme. Quite awesome, isn't it ?

Very high design standards

Better be clear when talking about the actual ThemeForest design standards: they are very high at the moment. You have to be prepared before submitting your first item because you are going to have your face smashed by the ThemeForest reviewers. In other terms, you have to show almost perfect design skills to secure a slot on this overcrowded marketplace. Otherwise, your work will keep being rejected and your frustration will keep growing.

The best advice i could give you is to take the time to read and understand the resources provided by the Envato review team and to attach a lot of attention to details. You will also have to create quality graphic assets that will draw the attention of your potential customers.

Our journey has just began

Having our first product approved on Envato Market is only the first step. Our journey has just started and we look forward to our future on the Marketplace. We will have more feedback to give you on our experience as an Envato Authors after a few months spent on the Marketplace. Meanwhile,lots of awesome templates will be coming, so stay tuned to get instant updates about our latest releases.

We are migrating our support sytem. Our current ticketing sytem is now in read only mode before being removed. Our new portal is accessible on Understood